The combination of sea and air services brings together the advantages of the speed of air freight and the economy of sea freight.  Customers may choose this kind of combined services when they have struck a good balance between transit time and transport cost with their cargoes.

Safe Link provides the combined sea-air service with fixed shipping schedules of two sailings every week.  Cargoes are loaded in containers onboard fast vessels sailing from Hong Kong with transit time about 12 days to Dubai airport, where the cargoes will be categorized and transferred to various air flights as expected for different final destinations.

It usually takes 2-3 days in transit of air flight from Dubai (DXB) airport as the hub to intended destinations in the European countries such as Belgium, Germany, France, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, etc and Africa.

This sideline service allows our customers to enjoy the benefits of both cost effectiveness and transportation efficiency.  The work on operation and documentation is handled by our experienced staff who plan, control, organize and report the whole process of your shipments.